WPX Hosting Review 2020: Why Everyone Praise This Hosting?

WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting Coupon Code

WPX Hosting Coupon Code

 If you are confused about WPX Hosting then this article is for you. WPX Hosting is considered as one of the finest managed web hosting in the industry. It offers premium features and services and that too at affordable prices. they offer WPX Hosting coupon which can be used at checkout for huge discount offers. Let'sLet's begin our WPX Hosting review 2020.

A web hosting that is robust to handle large traffic and offers a speedy system is very hard to find. Web hosting plays a key role in the success of the blog. it is the core component where the website lies. So the performance completely depends on the functioning of the system. 

That is why professional bloggers stress on choosing a reliable and powerful web hosting if you want to go up. But finding the best web hosting is hard as you get 100 web hosting. some are best and some are a scam. 

Today, we are not going to talk about all of them in this article. We are going to see the full review of WPX Hosting and why people recommend it for success in blogging.

WPX Hosting Overview

WPX Hosting is a robust and reliable web hosting in 2020 & you can find its discount coupon here. It is very popular among professional bloggers and has grown a very large user base all over the world. so there no doubt about the performance and services.

WPX Hosting is awarded the best-managed WordPress hosting in 2020. It stands rock solid on the promises of the services. The top review websites have to review their services and have given a mind-blowing score. Trustpilot score is 4.7 and the G2 Crowd score is 4.9 which is the best score in the market.

There is no performance drop in past years and users are completely satisfied with the services. WPX Hosting comes with a lot of great features that are very hard to find in the market. 

WPX Hosting top features

1. Managed Wordpress Hosting

WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting. it doesn’t support other CMS like Joomla, Drupal. It only supports WordPress websites, which makes it one of the best WordPress hosting in the market.

It is because the entire system and servers are designed and optimized for WordPress websites. so the website will work faster than another hosting. the other best thing is that it is managed to host.

Now, managed hosting means all the server setup, customization and optimization, updates and malware detection and removal will be performed by the provider. All the server and website-related work will be managed.

So, you will have more time to work on the content and marketing of the website. however, this makes it a bit high price than other hosting plans. but the price is justified with the premium features and management services.

2. Fast Page loading & Caching

WPX Hosting servers are fully compatible with a WordPress website. it is even the best system for running a WordPress website. because it is designed for increasing the performance and speed of WordPress.

So, the page load speed increases as the server don’t have to handle different CMS. The other reason the system has SSD storage drives. Now, SSD drives are way faster than HDD drives. So the processing of the commands and task reduces which in-turn increases the page load speed.

WPX Hosting also offers a free caching plugin for WordPress, which boosts the WordPress speed very fast. the website gets loaded within seconds which provides the user with a fast experience. It makes them come back to the website, the traffic retention rate increases with the speed of the website.

3. WPX Cloud CDN

Now, if you have a website that gets huge traffic hits daily, then the server gets loaded and if the load increases then its breakdown. So to keep the communication alive CDN system is used by big websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, etc.

In this system, many servers are built in different geographic regions so that the user can get the data very fast from the nearest server. But for a medium level website, you cant spend millions to set up your server all over the world.

Here comes, WPX Cloud CDN system. WPX CDN system allows the traffic to get website data in seconds from the cloud server. Which increases the global response rate and data transfer speed.

The CDN system is very expensive but it is offered in the WPX Hosting plan for free. it is very simple to implement and their team will do it for you.

4. Free SSL

Users want to keep their data secure while entering their details on a website. the HTTP connection is not secure which allows hackers to gain the user's information. So here SSL certificate is used which verifies that the connection between server and user is secure. 

It turns HTTP to HTTPS connection. The benefits are that users will see a secure certificate while visiting the website. so this will let the users know that their data is safe on the website. 

SSL certificate also has little SEO benefit in the search ranking on google. So it is better to have something instead of nothing.

5. Multiple Website Hosting

WPX Hosting allows users to host multiple websites in a single hosting plan. so it reduces the blogger's expense for different hosting services. It increases the website management and accessibility. 

It is very beneficial for those bloggers who own multiple websites. so they can host them in a single place and save some money on the hosting for each website.

6. 24/7 Live Chat

WPX Hosting offers great support services all over the world with the natively supported language. So the user can get comfortable and register their problems. There are many options from which the user can connect with the WPX support.

The most interactive support is the live chat. It is available on the official website. there are other options like email, phone call, Whichever you feel comfortable.

Final Words On WPX Hosting Review 2020

We have used WPX hosting services for our other websites. the experience was amazing. It manages all the basic functionality like taking backups, system updates, malware scanning, and speed optimization. So the workload on the user decreases. 

If you are serious about blogging and growing your website, then WPX Hosting is the ideal option. You can take the service for 30 days. If you feel unsatisfied with the service, then you can cancel the plan. if you cancel the plan within 30 days of purchase then you will get all your money back.

You can use the WPX Hosting coupon to get a discount on any plan at the checkout time. so this will save your money and you can spend that money on other important things.